Beauty: Jouer Cosmetics

jouer cos

In French, “jouer,” means “to play.”  Jouer Cosmetics, created by Christina Zilber in 2008, is perfectly named and quite the high quality cosmetics brand. I have one word: pigment.  The pigment is heavenly, from eyeshadows, to highlighters, to lipsticks.  Zilber delivers pigment and shades that compliment all skin tones.  All of the products actually snap together for convenience when traveling or you’re a busy lady on the go like myself and you would like to have your lipstick and palette snapped together.  Since all of the products do this, it’s customizable and you can create unique color combinations to create new makeup looks!  Most importantly, Zilber’s brand’s signature color is a heavenly rose pink 😉 Her work with UNICEF to further opportunities for women is also notable. Now that deserves to be “highlighted” right?  See what I did there?

You know I love to play.


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