Halloween ’22: Pin-Up Ariel

There may not be more joy filling Disney characters than Ariel and her sidekicks, Flounder and Sebastian. This Halloween, there will likely be tons of Little Mermaids dressed up for trick or treating all across the US; celebrating and excitedly awaiting the new release in May 2023 of the Disney live action film, which has already garnered tons of attention. I think embracing Ariel’s character in all facets is important. Ariel is a character that embodies resilience, adventure, and willingness to expand horizons. In comparison to her many sisters, Ariel shows that it is okay to be different and she carves her own path. There are so many wonderful storylines within The Little Mermaid that are great. Not to mention the glorious and very clear vision of Howard Ashman will continue to live on! Howard Ashman knew exactly how he wanted to develop Ariel as a character and it is truly wonderful to see all that is to come with a resurgence of Little Mermaid marketing. I distinctly remember the excitement I had to receive my first Ariel doll when I was five years old. I carry that with me even today!

I decided to do a pin-up style spin on Ariel’s costume, with the motif of her purple top and purple hair flower. For my hair color, I did not dye my hair or wear a wig. I used the Snow editing app and applied the red hair color edit to have red hair in this picture. Snow has so many great editing functions for things just like this! If you are looking into creating your own kind of Little Mermaid costume, there are tons of ways to go about creating your own costume. SHEIN is a great start to finding ideas for potential mermaid outfits and accessories. For example, I purchased a purple bikini and paired the top with a green SHEIN skirt that could serve as a “mermaid fin,” but given that Ariel wants legs, I think it’s absolutely fine to just go for a green skirt instead of finding an actual fin online. If you do want to pose like a mermaid with a fin, there are great fins from Fin Fun Mermaid for all ages to buy and swim around with in the water! Here are a few ideas to get you started on your mermaid costume:

SHEIN Bikini

SHEIN Mermaid Skirt

SHEIN Flower Hair Clips

SHEIN Starfish Hair Clip

SHEIN Shell Bag

I hope you DIY your mermaid costume in whatever which way suits you – mermaid dress-up is one of the most fun costumes!

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