The Y2K Perfection of Lizzie McGuire

If you are not yet familiar with the popular culture term, “Y2K,” it simply means “Year 2000” and Y2K now references the general style and fashion that defined that era in time. In fashion more recently, there has been a renewed energy to having clothing and accessories similar to the early 2000s again (think tons of glitter and butterfly accessories galore). In the years 2001 – 2004, Disney Channel aired the now iconic TV show, Lizzie McGuire, starring Hilary Duff. This show is basically a distillation of all of the most fabulous parts of early 2000s culture mixed together with friendship and character-building moments. Another notable part of Lizzie’s story is in The Lizzie McGuire Movie (2003) when Lizzie goes to Italy with her classmates — she has the opportunity to become a pop star by random chance and she tries on all of the latest fashions in Milan. She ends up looking pretty silly and realizes that staying true to her style makes her look most attractive, because she taps into her inner confidence! This is a critical lesson to learn at an early age.

Lizzie is a character who is wonderfully relatable for many young people. She has the general insecurity that is part of growing up (displayed by her cartoon alter ego), but she also learns how to stay true to herself, and has friends who genuinely support her and whom she also learns how to stay loyal to. For example, she knows that Gordo is not the most popular guy around, but she ends up coming to love him regardless. Lizzie’s best friends Gordo and Miranda may not the most popular people in school, but they are absolutely the best in character, and that is part of what makes this show so endearing (aside from its awesome fashion statements).

My favorite episode of Lizzie McGuire is when her mom finds her a pair of groovy looking bell bottom jeans at a thrift store that look even better than the bell bottoms that the trendy fashion stores are selling. At first, Lizzie denies how great they look and thinks they’re “not cool enough.” Eventually, she learns that there is nothing wrong with embracing bargain hunting and not having the “newest” look, if forgoing the newest look means you can look even better! Lizzie learns invaluable lessons across the show.

Aside from the character building that happens, there are some truly awesome fashion statements on this show that should be continued today, and not only for nostalgia’s sake! For example, here are some of the fun fashion statements that are having a resurgence again and is all the more reason to embrace the style that you like! ColourPop Cosmetics recently came out with a line of Lizzie inspired makeup (geared to adults), which you can find here:

If you want some Lizzie style inspiration, look for items like these to spruce up your style!

  • Fuzzy pens
  • Butterfly hair clips
  • Tie Dye tops
  • Ruffled blouses
  • Bell Bottom jeans
  • Wedge heels

This mood board quickly encompasses the general colorful aesthetic and fun style of Y2K!

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