Mermaids and Sirens… H2O: Just Add Water

Every so often, a show can become a bit of a cultural phenomenon of sorts (shows like Gossip Girl and Entourage are of this type of ilk), and this Australian TV show from 2006, H2O: Just Add Water, is nothing short of a cultural gem. I randomly came across the show when I was watching a hair tutorial on YouTube and then learned that this show has a cult following and proceeded to spend half of my weekend watching Season 1 and adore the entire premise of the show (available on YouTube and Netflix).

Cleo, Emma, and Rikki become stranded on a desert island in Australia and escape while going through a mysterious lagoon. Unbeknownst to them, this lagoon has magical powers and turns them into mermaids. Every time they come into contact with water, they turn into mermaids. The show follows how they navigate their “everyday lives” while being mermaids in between, and their friend Lewis helping them through their experiences as mermaids.

Naturally, this show is geared towards children and teens, but I think there is so much to appreciate with how it generates a sense of magic in everyday life; I think it’s important to remember that life is magical, even in our ordinary day to day lives. Mermaids have become quite popular again, even with mermaid workouts becoming popular, complete with fins sold by Fin Fun Mermaid… For now, I’ll stick to thinking about doing a mermaid photo shoot, but a mermaid workout sounds like fun, too!

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