UN Women: A Woman’s Place Is At Every Table

Meghan Markle’s UN Women speech to advocate for women’s political participation

I am a feminist and I feel compelled to explain what that means since the world that we live in does not clearly outline the exact definition of feminism to the broader masses, which has given rise to wrongful associations with the concept of feminism. Feminism is the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities. Feminism is about fairness, it’s not about overpowering men, it’s about empowering women, and disempowering power structures that have consistently sidelined women throughout history. As a passionate feminist, I like to keep up with the latest news related to UN Women and current trends such as the progress of the #MeToo movement or how Time’s Up is doing.

Time and time again, as I keep up with current news and study more about what I, as a woman and feminist can do myself, I find this speech given by Meghan Markle at UN Women to continue to inspire my devotion to women’s empowerment. Her ability to convey genuine sincerity, while stating the imperative to include women in politics globally, I am reminded of the work we all, we as a humanity, have ahead of us in ensuring that a future we see is one of equality for the genders. It’s been realized that in order to hit the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) agenda by 2030, we must put gender equality at the forefront for goal achievement, as this will help enable the achievement for all of the goals (below). Gender equality is listed as Goal #5. We have a lot of work ahead of us.

Another speech that I refer to often is Emma Watson’s speech at the HeForShe Campaign in 2014. This speech is particularly important to identifying the importance of having men engaged with feminism in the understanding that feminism does not undermine masculinity, but it improves outcomes for everyone. We are all implicated in the outcomes that we all should have vested interests in – women’s empowerment is arguably the most pressing issue of our time.

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